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Library Research Overview: Home

This libguide is one-stop shopping for all your basic library how-tos.


For help via e-mail, just ask a librarian.

For help via telephone, just call:

NE Campus (817) 515-6629

NW Campus (817) 515-7725

SE Campus (817) 515-3081

SO Campus (817) 515-4524

TR Campus (817) 515-1220

For help in person, visit your campus library during operating hours:

Frustrated Person





Welcome to the Library Research Overview. This research guide is one-stop shopping for all your basic library how-tos! Tarrant County College is committed to providing students a well-rounded education. A primary means of achieving this goal is by developing critical and analytical skills in doing academic research. Whatever type of research you engage in, you will probably need to use a variety of resources. Making effective use of these resources can be a challenge. This research guide was created to assist you in becoming acquainted with the resources available to you. You may want to start at the first tab across the top of the page and browse the entire series in order to become familiar with all areas of the library. Or, you can choose any one of the tabs above to guide you in a specific research need.

Good Luck With Your Research!