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A Blast in Kranesville: Home

Theatre Southeast Presents: An original audio theatre project.

A Blast in Kranesville: Performance

The following is an audio project performed by SE Practicum students with design sketches by Stagecraft II students. 

We encourage you to turn on closed captioning in the above video so you can follow along with the script!

A Blast in Kranesville: Program

CAST LIST (in order of actors’ last names)

*Actors                                               Character Name (occupation/description; age)

Hunter Austin                                     Clark Murphy (nursing home worker; 50)

Leen Barakat                                       Andrea Cardona (daycare worker; 19)

Quanard Carter                                   Samson “SP” Price (college athlete; 20)

Stormie Crow                                     Calliope Castillo (middle school student; 12)

Karrington Davis                                Sandra Brody (head of Kranesville Animal Rescue; 43)

Kiera Gavitt                                        Margaret Connolly (real estate agent; 42)

Drew Hampton                                   Evan Barksdale (reporter; 38)

Lauren Henesey                                  Miriam Hawthorne (valedictorian-to-be of Kranesville 

   High School; 18)

Jesse Humphreys                                Bartholomew Truman (rancher; 67)

Alysse Joiner                                       Sarah Stewart (mommy blogger; 26)

Mercedes Kuhn                                   Abby Stills (waitress at a local diner; 19)

Oluwateniola Talabi                            Racheal Williams (librarian; 52)

Tanner Thompson                               John Phillips Jr. (firefighter; 29)

Kalumbu Tshibangu                            Craig Toliver (homeless man; 32)

Leo Vibal                                            Benedict Aquino (Mayor of Kranesville; 55)

Kennedy Wagner                                Clarissa Brown (Kranesville Fuel Stop worker; 21)

Liberty Ward                                      Olivia Scott (mother of a newborn; 29)

Tiara Wiltshire                                    Stacee Ward (bartender; 30)

* With the exception of Drew Hampton (TCC-SE Drama faculty), all actors are students enrolled in the TCC-SE Theatre Practicum course. This audio production serves as the course’s creative project for the semester. Students created their own characters and monologues based on an original scenario crafted by Brad McEntire. (Monologues for the character Evan Barksdale were written by Brad McEntire.)



Co-Directors                                       Angela Inman (also, Departmental Producer)

                                                            Brad McEntire (also, Dramaturg)

Drew Hampton (also, Guest Performer)

Faculty Coordinator

of Student Costume Designs               Paul Fiorella

+Student Costume Designers              Jourdain Blanco (costumes for Andrea Cardona, Calliope Castillo, Clark

   Murphy, and Samson “SP” Price)

Hunter Brown (costumes for Sandra Brody, Margaret Connolly, Miriam

   Hawthorne, Sarah Stewart, and Bartholomew Truman)

Kiera Gavitt (costumes for John Phillips Jr., Abby Stills, Craig Toliver

   and Racheal Williams)

Julia Macleod (costumes for Benedict Aquino, Evan Barksdale, Clarissa

   Brown, Olivia Scott, and Stacee Ward)

Sound Designer /                                Darius Booker   

   Voice-Over Coordinator

Graphics Designer                              Sally Jinks

LibGuide Designer                             Chelsea Bippert

Video Editor                                       Aaron Ingersoll

Assistant to Sound and Video            Taylor Hampton

+ All student costume designers are enrolled in the TCC-SE Stagecraft II course. These students worked closely with the actors to create costume renderings to aid in the visualization of all characters. 

Theatre Southeast Faculty 

Tonya Blivens, Chair of Speech and Drama 

Paul Fiorella 

Ana Hagedorn

Drew Hampton 

Megan Haratine

Angela Inman 

Brad McEntire  

Theatre Southeast Staff 

Darius Booker 

Taylor Hampton

Veronica Hernandez 

Aaron Ingersoll 


Special Thanks

Bill Coppola 

Zena Jackson 

Mike Cinatl 

Jerry Coats 

Tonya Blivens 

Veronica Hernandez

Sally Jinks 

Chelsea Bippert

Brandy Niccolai-Belfi

Barbara Prellwitz

Debbie Kowalak 

Delaina Milligan 

TCC Communications, Public Relations, and Marketing

Grace Hampton

Welcome from the Director of Theatre


I want to welcome you to our theatre department!  Our mission at Theatre Southeast is to present a variety of genres and theatrical periods that provide a broad overview of dramatic literature and production.  Our actors and technicians work very hard to take the material from page to stage, and I want to express my appreciation for the long hours they invest.  They are students (like you) who have an interest in the arts, and are participating in this production as a class requirement.  If you would like to get more involved, opportunities exist no matter what level of experience you bring to the process.  Enrolling in DRAM 1120, Theatre Practicum, is the first step.  Every student in that class has a guarantee of either being cast or working backstage on some aspect of the production.  Our department also offers classes in acting and stagecraft, as well as introductory courses in theatre and film studies.  Whether your interest lies in performance, design, or technical theatre, we have a place waiting for you.

Even if you choose not to participate directly in the productions, your role as an audience member is equally important.  Without your support, our performances would not be possible. We truly appreciate all of our patrons!  I hope you have an enjoyable experience at Theatre Southeast, and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. 

Angela Inman, MFA

Director of Theatre, TCC-SE; Associate Professor of Drama