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BUSI 2301 (SE) Stevens: Home

BUSI 2301 Business Law, instructor Irma Stevens. This Research Guide provides academic resources for understanding the American court system, criminal law, torts, strict liability, intellectual property, contracts, etc.

This Resource Guide has been designed to assist you in locating information for BUSI 2301 assignments for Instructor Irma Stevens at TCC Connect. Use the tabs above to research ethics, finance, and company information. Professional peer-reviewed articles are available in the library databases. When in doubt, you are welcome to contact the Librarians in person or by chat, email, or phone. 

Suggested Research Topics:

1. Effects of common law on the American legal system
2. Development of Doctrine of Stare Decisis
3. Sources of American Law
4. Judicial proceeding in a civil suit
5. Jurisdiction of Texas Courts
6. Court system in the United States
7. History of defamation
8. Major defenses to tort liability
9. The role of the reasonable person test in torts
10. History of strict liability
11. Emerging law of computer theft
12. Consumer protection
13. Development of essential contract elements
14. Invalid agreements
15. Role of consideration in a contract
16. Legal coming of age
17. A minor’s right to avoid a contract
18. Illegal contracts
19. The need for mutual assent
20. Role of Statute of Frauds
21. Exceptions to Statute of Frauds
22. Beneficiaries and their rights
23. The many ways to discharge a contract
24. Development of contractual remedies
25. The effect of the UCC Article 2 on the common law of contracts
26. The history of product liability
27. Warranties and product safety


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