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MUSI 1310 NE Baugh: Home

This is a guide to help with jazz music appreciation research.

MUSI 1310

Research Guide


This guide is designed to provide helpful resources for Baugh's MUSI 1301 Thesis Assignment -TA12. 

A video on how to do deeper research on specific library websites will be provided by your professor through your Canvas classroom.

Getting Started: This contains your professor's expectations for your assignment.  It can also help with choosing a topic and writing a thesis statement.

Find eBooks: Provides instruction on how to find ebooks on our library catalog.

Works Cited: Has everything you need to know about MLA citations, plagiarism, and videos on how to format your Works Cited page in both MS Word and Google Docs.

HELP- Feeling lost? Still, need help picking a topic or finding more sources? Here are all the ways you can contact a librarian for additional help.

Helpful tip: You always want to find more sources than you need. If your teacher says you need 5 cited sources, you probably want to find 7-8 just so you have enough.