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Accessibility Extensions for Web Browsers: Home

Extensions are mini apps that run inside a web browser and provide additional functionality. This guide will help you locate extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Accessibility Extensions for Google Chrome

Extensions allow you to modify, personalize and add new features to your web browser. The Chrome Web Store has several extensions related to accessibility features that could improve your browsing experience. The list below includes a few suggestions, but is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

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puzzle piece logo for Read and Write appRead&Write for Google Chrome

  • Works with Google Docs, PDF and ePub files to provide support for diverse reading abilities and learning styles
  • Text-to-speech lets you hear documents read aloud
  • Dual-color highlighting to easily track your place when reading
  • Remove ads and simplify web pages to avoid distractions

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ChromeVoxChrome vox logo

  • Screen reader built by Google to support blind and low-vision users
  • Used by developers to verify accessibility of their web applications

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Mercury ReaderMercury Reader Logo

  • Remove ads and distractions, improve readability
  • Select which ads and elements you want to remove

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Color Enhancer for ChromeColor Enhancer logo with 3 entwined circles

  • Customizable color filter applied to web pages to improve color perception
  • Provides solutions for people who cannot perceive certain colors

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Zoom for Google Chromezoom for Google Chrome logo

  • Zoom in or out on web content using mouse scroll
  • Works offline and mobile compatible

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Previous and Next Keyboard NavigationPrevious and Next Keyboard Navigation logo

  • Navigate (almost) any paginated website with left and right arrow keys
  • Supports browsing without using the mouse

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Handsfree for Web-Voice ControlHands free for web logo

  • Browse the web using voice only
  • Click things, complete forms and dictate text

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