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Accessibility Extensions for Web Browsers: Firefox Extensions

Extensions are mini apps that run inside a web browser and provide additional functionality. This guide will help you locate extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Accessibility Extensions (Add-ons) for Mozilla Firefox

Add-ons allow you to modify, personalize and add new features to your web browser. The Firefox Add-on Manager has many options that could improve your browsing experience. The list below includes a few suggestions, but is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

Download Mozilla Firefox web browser for free.

Read Aloud for Firefox logoRead Aloud: A Text-to-Speech Voice Reader

  • Read aloud the current web page 
  • Supports 40+ languages
  • Works with PDF as well

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Dark Reader
Dark Reader for Firefox logo

  • Applies a dark theme for websites
  • Inverts bright colors, increases contrast
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, sepia filter and font settings

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Zoom Page ButtonZoom page button logo with magnifying glass

  • Zoom web pages with a single button
  • Fit-to-width zooming can be applied to pages automatically

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Nuke Anything EnhancedNuke Anything for Firefox Logo

  • Hide almost any clutter in a webpage, improve readability
  • Select which ads and elements you want to remove

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Saka Key (In Development)Saka Key for Firefox logo

  • Keyboard interface for the web
  • Map keyboard keys to browser tasks like scrolling, switching, moving, closing and refreshing tabs 

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Reader for Firefox logo

  • Create a clean, distraction-free reading experience on the web
  • Simplify fonts, adjust colors, and individualize the reading pane

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Image TweakImage Tweak Firefox logo

  • Zoom, rotate and customize the background of images
  • Display images and videos on a custom background

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