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DASHH Event Additional Resources: Pornography as a Portal to Human Trafficking

Each page of this guide will connect you with resources to accompany TCC's DASHH Squad events.

heading - Pornography as a Portal to Human Trafficking

Books in the Library

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Are Women Human?

Exposing the consequences and significance of the systematic maltreatment of women, and its systemic condonation, this book takes us into the heart of the international law of conflict to ask - and reveal - why the international community can rally against terrorists' violence, but not against violence against women.

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Dark Commerce

The illicit economy exacerbates many of the world's destabilizing phenomena. Shelley explores illicit trade in tangible goods--drugs, human beings, arms, wildlife and timber, fish, antiquities, and ubiquitous counterfeits--and contrasts this with the damaging trade in cyberspace, where intangible commodities cost consumers and organizations billions as they lose identities, bank accounts, access to computer data, and intellectual property. Demonstrating that illicit trade is a business the global community cannot afford to ignore and must work together to address, Dark Commerce considers diverse ways of responding to this increasing challenge.

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Infamy: How One Woman Brought an International Sex Trafficking Ring to Justice

In 2005, after publishing her book The Demons of Eden--where she denounced the very powerful men behind the a Mexican child pornography ring--Lydia Cacho became a target. In this chilling memoir, Lydia tells her story and exposes the horrific ways in which women--and young girls in particular--are abused then disposed of, while an oftentimes corrupt government simply sits and watches.

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The Pornography Industry: What Everyone Needs to Know

We may know pornography when we see it, but the business of pornography is a surprisingly elusive subject. In this book, Shira Tarrant parses the wide range of statistics that we have on the pornography industry, sorting myth from reality in an objective, fascinating and knowledgeable fashion. She looks at ongoing political controversies around the industry, the feminist porn wars, the views of the religious right, the history of pornography, landmark legal cases, and the latest in medical research. The book delves into other important questions such as: Are there links between pornography and human sex trafficking? 

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Slavery, Inc

In this ground-breaking work of investigative reporting, the celebrated journalist Lydia Cacho follows the trail of the traffickers and their victims from Mexico to Turkey, Thailand to Iraq, Georgia to the UK, to expose the trade's hidden links with the tourist industry, internet pornography, drugs and arms smuggling, the selling of body organs, money laundering, and even terrorism. This is an underground economy in which a sex slave can be bought for the price of a gun, but Cacho's powerful first-person interviews with mafiosi, pimps, prostitutes, and those who managed to escape from captivity makes it impossible to ignore the terrible human cost of this lucrative exchange. 

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