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ENGL 1301 NE Cole: Home

How to use this guide

This guide is designed to provide helpful resources for Annette Cole's ENGL 1301 class. Below is a copy of your assignment and important dates to remember.

Getting Started- contains a helpful video about keyword searching and how to develop ideas for your paper.

Database tab - You will find databases geared towards helping you either find a topic to research (Issue databases) or where to find additional information regarding the topic you've chosen (Multi-subject databases). 

Images- Will provide you with resources to use for image searching and how to cite them.  

Evaluating and Citing Sources in MLA- Is everything you need to know about citing sources in MLA, Plagiarism, and evaluating websites

HELP!- Feeling lost? Still, need help picking a topic or finding more sources? Here are all the ways you can contact a librarian for additional help 

Helpful tip: You always want to find more sources than you need. Example: If your teacher says you need 5 cited sources you probably want to find 7-8 just so you have enough. 

Important Dates

Week of

September 12:     

Library orientation. The video is available for you to watch. Identify at least three possible topics, and you may use the ones you posted last week. You may begin posting your choice Monday, September 19th. Please post as soon as you know what you are interested in researching.

September 25:    

Works Consulted ( a list of sources in MLA format/alphabetical order that you may be able to use for your research).  Due Saturday, October 1 @11:59 p.m.

October 9:              

Revised Works Consulted due Saturday, October 15 @11:59 p.m.

October 16:

Three annotations due Saturday, October 22@11:59 p.m.

October 31:                                      

Annotated Bibliography Rough Draft I due Saturday, November 5 @11:59 p.m. A second draft will be assigned if needed. 

November 7:  

Rough draft for visual presentation due Wednesday/Thursday in class.

November 14:

Annotated Bibliography Final Draft due Saturday, November 19 @ 11:59 p.m.

November 28:

Visual presentations due Monday, November 28. Presentations will begin Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your class. 



Fall 2022

Research Project

                In recent years, and thanks to the internet, we are being inundated with information from every possible medium—newspapers, news programs, and social media outlets.  It is virtually impossible not to be exposed to some issue that can affect the population.  Your assignment is to identify a social issue currently discussed, protested, or otherwise examined in the media.  While there are preliminary steps before the completion of your final work, our goal is to prepare an annotated bibliography and create a visual presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, or short video) that demonstrates your knowledge of the topic.  This research project has the potential to be an exciting project and can also be fun as you will learn research techniques, MLA formatting, and compiling images to create a narrative of your research.  The assignment will be done in stages; this week involves identifying a topic (last week you identified three issues: you may be able to use one as a research topic), learning what resources are available to you in the library and gathering preliminary sources.  Instead of a physical trip to the library, we will have a virtual orientation presented by Ms. April Martinez that we will watch in class.  This will allow you to ask any questions you may have about the assignment or how to conduct research. The video will be available until the end of the semester.

                The topics you choose are important and should reflect your interest. I will not allow duplicate topics unless the focus is on a different aspect than the one posted. This is a first come- first served choice for topics, so post as soon as the discussion board opens Monday, September 19th.