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ENGL 1302 NE Cole: Home

How to Use this guide

This guide has been developed to assist you in the research for your ENGL 1302 class. Below you will find a copy of the assignment and important dates to remember. 

Getting Started- contains a helpful information about keyword searching and how to develop ideas for your paper.

The Literary Criticism Research tab above contains information about researching in the library subscription databases, which databases to use to conduct literary research and a quick video about using the TCC libraries to conduct literary research.

Under Evaluating and Citing Sources in MLA Style you will find information, websites and documents to help you format your work. You will also find information on avoiding plagiarism in your written work.

If you still need additional assistance, look under the Help! tab for the Library and Librarian contact info.

Important Dates

Dates/Week of

September 14th

You will choose three writers and indicate

which is your first choice, second choice…

You will have until Sunday, September 20th

@11:59 p.m. to identify your writer and

literary work.

September 21st

Works Consulted ( a list of sources in MLA

format/alphabetical order that you may be

able to use for your research).

September 28th

Revised Works Consulted

October 19th

Three annotations due to Blackboard

November 2nd

Annotated Bibliography( rough draft) due to

Blackboard @11:59 p.m.

November 9th

Final Draft Annotated Bib due @11:59 p.m.

November 30th

Rough draft for research paper literary

analysis due ( will be peer reviewed).

December 7th

Research Presentation due

December 14th

Research Paper final draft due to

Blackboard@ 11:59 p.m.


Fall 2020

Research Project

Your assignment is to identify a writer and literary work, prepare an annotated

bibliography, write a three page literary analysis paper, and create a visual presentation

( short film, prezzi, video…) that demonstrates your knowledge of the argument presented

in your paper. This has the potential to be an exciting project and can also be fun as you will

learn research techniques, MLA formatting, and compiling images to create a narrative of your

research. The assignment will be done in stages. This week will be spent identifying a writer

and literary work, learning what resources are available to you in the library and gathering

preliminary sources. The library will actually be virtual. Ms. April Martinez will guide us

through this part of the assignment. She will record the virtual meeting to help you navigate the

process. It will be available on both the library page and our class page for reference.