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GEOL 1405 SE Caputi: Generating Ideas

How will you narrow down your search for the ideal city? Here are some resources to get you started.

Picking Your Research Topic

The first step of any research project is picking the right topic. In this case, you can research any environmental problem approved by your instructor. So, how do you decide?

A good topic is something you are interested in that can be discussed well in 3 to 5 pages. You might really care about climate change, but the amount of research available can quickly become overwhelming! Take some time to brainstorm what interests you the most about climate change. Is it rising sea levels, health effects, or endangered species? You can add any of these topics (or any other aspect you want to know more about) to your search strategy. This helps narrow down the amount of information you have to sort through and evaluate. It will also help you focus your paper. 

Some students have the opposite problem. They just don't know where to start with picking a topic. You can look through your class materials to see if something sparks your interest. You can also look at the topic pages in Gale in Context: Environmental Studies. The topic links will take you to more information that will help you decide if a particular topic is for you. For some direct links to potential sources of topics, please see the Library Resources page of this guide. 

If you still find yourself lost, stop by the TCC Library in person or online to talk to a librarian. We can help you find a topic that will work for you.