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GOVT 2305 TR Killingsworth: Get Started

Getting Started


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What is the best source to use for my research? 

  • Books are good for a broad overview, when you want to see how your topic is addressed at the national level, or when you want to see how it relates to other important issues.
  • Articles are good when your topic is somewhat narrow, fairly recent, or is in a subject where things change often. Articles may be found in state or local magazines and newspapers.



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How do I if a resource is scholarly (or academic)?

Scholarly sources are often written by professors, researchers, and experts in the field with advanced degrees. They are written for other scholars, professionals, and students. Scholarly resources also use technical language of the field, almost always have a list of references, and often provide research findings and statistics.

What about popular sources?

Popular Sources:

  • are for the general population
  • avoid technical terminology and use easy-to-understand language
  • usually do not have bibliographies or references
  • often written by staff writers with little specialized knowledge
  • are written for entertainment and general knowledge


Source: Cornell University 


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