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This guide will help you locate resources for your Federal Government class with Professor White.

Streaming Videos

movie poster depicts young woman from the back with an American flag draped around her waist


Iron Jawed Angels -

Historical drama about the women's suffrage movement in the early 1900s. Starring Hilary Swank, Frances O'Connor, Julia Ormond, and Angelica Houston. Directed by Katja von Garnier.

front facing, black and white photo of journalist, Mike Wallace


Mike Wallace is Here -

Deemed the “enemy of the people” by a former president, journalism in America is on the chopping block. Lies, fake news, propaganda, and verbal subterfuge threaten to cripple our First Amendment. This fascinating exposé of 60 Minutes’ fearsome newsman Mike Wallace turns his hard-hitting, no-holds-barred journalistic style loose on Wallace himself, who is considered by many to be the inventor of the form.

During 50 years on the air, his aggressive reporting style and showmanship redefined what America has come to expect from broadcasters. As riveting as it is topical, Mike Wallace Is Here mirrors its subject’s scrutinous gaze to better understand how we arrived at the precarious media tipping point menacing our democracy today. 

official movie poster for "The Most Dangerous Man in America"


The Most Dangerous Man in America - New Day Films

In 1971, Daniel Ellsberg, a high-level Pentagon official and Vietnam War strategist, concludes that the war is based on decades of lies and leaks 7,000 pages of top secret documents to The New York Times, making headlines around the world.

The Most Dangerous Man in America is a riveting story of how one man’s profound change of heart created a landmark struggle involving America’s newspapers, president and Supreme Court-- a political thriller whose events led directly to Watergate, Nixon’s resignation and the end of the Vietnam War. 

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