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GOVT 2306 TR Goss: Resources

Find More Resources

Discover more e-books and streaming videos by searching the library catalog.  Try your keyword search in the box below.

Use the drop-down menu to select a resource type, such as "Streaming Video," enter your topic keywords, and hit Search.

Tip: Put phrases and concepts in quotation marks to get more precise results.  

For example:

  • "foreign policy" AND "Cold War"
  • "Executive Branch" AND presidential powers

Databases to Try

Books or Articles?


female student looking off to the side as if to ask a question

What is the best source to use for my research? 

  • Books are good for a broad overview, when you want to add depth, when your topic is historical, or you want to see how it relates to other important issues.
  • Articles are good when your topic is somewhat narrow, fairly recent, or is in a subject where things change often. Articles are the best place to find original research on topics in science and medicine.
  • Websites and newspapers provide up-to-the minute news and information about current events, trends, and controversial topics but are often not allowed in academic research so be cautious.