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OER-style resources forMRKG-1302 Principles of Retailing.


Introduction to the retailing environment,types of retailers, current trends, the employment of retailing techniques, and factors that influence retailing.


End-of-Course Outcomes: Identify consumer segments, environmental trends, and traditional and nontraditional retailing markets; explain the functions of retailing; and describe effective retailing techniques.

Learning outcomes are linked to the SCANS requirements. Specific SCANS requirements are linked to the class schedule.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

1. Explain the scope of the retail environment in an economic society.

2. Outline careers and entrepreneurial opportunities retailing offers.

3. Identify consumer segments and buying behavior characteristics.

4. Describe site locations available to retailers and decisions regarding selections.

5. List the elements of merchandise management in developing a merchandise plan.

6. Compare and contrast factors associated with the operations policies, methods, and procedures used by successful retailers in a global economy.

7. Explain retail image and promotional strategy by describing retail store layout, design, and visual merchandising.

8. Demonstrate the use and influence of technology on creating effective retailing techniques. 

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