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Academic Learning Center (NW): Workshops

Workshops are like mini classes that you work through with a tutor. You do not need to submit an assignment. 
All workshops are by appointment, one-on-one, so schedule one for a time that works for you!

Workshop Topics

MLA 8th Ed. If MLA is giving you the blues then this is the workshop for you. This workshop focuses on citation and paper formatting of an MLA document. It covers in-text citations, the works cited page, and correct page formatting.
APA 7th Ed. APA can seem a little different than what you’re used to, but this workshop aims to make it more familiar. The APA workshop goes over the basics of APA citation and formatting and covers the most recent updates in APA seventh edition.
Chicago-Turabian Style Attending the Chicago Style workshop will help you with making footnotes, page formatting and the bibliography among other items. Unfortunately, the Chicago Style workshop will not help you choose the best pizza.
Scholarship Essays: Turn Up the Volume A workshop that explores facets of writing a scholarship essay and some key ideas to be aware of when going over an essay prompt
Literary Analysis This workshop will cover some literary elements, how to avoid summary and has activities to help with claim-making and analysis.
Forming a Thesis Statement and Integrating Sources This workshop looks at what a thesis is, what it does, and how to identify one. It also has some tips on integrating sources into a paper.
Fragments and Run-ons Mini This workshop covers fragmented sentences, run-ons and how to identify and avoid them. Has a small section on comma splices.
Five Comma Rules Mini Covers five of the more common comma rules/errors and how to address them.
Sentence Superpowers Mini If you are trying to supercharge your understanding of sentences this is the workshop to sign up for. Covers sentence construction, common sentence errors and has tips on proofreading sentences to catch errors.
Rhetorical Analysis Advertisements Mini One half of our Rhetorical Analysis workshop. This one focuses on the three rhetorical appeals regarding advertisement analysis.
Rhetorical Analysis Articles Mini One half of our Rhetorical Analysis workshop. This focuses on the three rhetorical appeals regarding the analyzation of articles.
Two Effective Note-taking Methods
Introductions Mini If trouble getting an essay started is keeping you from getting the rest of you ideas down then a workshop on introductions my be the ticket. The Introductions workshop covers four aspects of an introduction, and their purposes. Also, the workshop will have you putting two introductions together.
Proofreading Tips Mini Gives advice and techniques on how to proofread your paper to help you clean up and look for mistakes. Also covers some sentence and grammar errors to watch out for, so that you may be able to correct yourself.


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