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U.S. History Overview (TR): Find Articles

Books or Articles

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What is the best source to use for my research? 

  • Books are good for a broad overview, when you want to add depth, when your topic is historical, or you want to see how it relates to other important issues.
  • Articles are good when your topic is somewhat narrow, fairly recent, or is in a subject where things change often. Articles are the best place to find original research on topics in science and medicine.
  • Websites and newspapers provide up-to-the minute news and information about current events, trends, and controversial topics but are often not allowed in academic research so be cautious.

Databases to Try

Wondering which database to use?

That depends on what you want to find.  Knowing what you are looking for can help you choose a good database for your search.

Try one of these databases for general information about your topic including how your topic has been addressed by historians.

Looking for primary sources related to your topic?  Do you need that first-hand evidence or original document?  Try one of these databases:

What is a Database?

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Magazine and journal articles are found using an online tool called a database.  Basically, a database acts like an online file cabinet containing many different resources that relate to each other by their subject or topic.

Search the databases to find articles from both scholarly and popular sources.

Remember:  When off campus, you must login with your Web Advisor username and password to access a database through TCC libraries.