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Autism Awareness Month: Community Resources

Resources for Autism Awareness Month

Web Resources

From the National Institute of Mental Health, this page gives an overview to autism spectrum disorders, including definitions, signs and symptoms, treatments and therapies, and more.

This Centers for Disease Control page describes the basics of autism spectrum disorder, as well as statistics, resources, articles, research, and more.

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network works to promote the disability rights movement in regards to autism. Their autism advocacy seeks to give people with autism the same rights as any other citizen and the opportunity to take control of their own lives. Their motto is "Nothing about us, without us!"

The Autism Science Foundation's mission is to support autism research by providing funding scientists and organizations that conduct, facilitate, publicize and disseminate autism research. They provide information about autism to the general public and seeks to increase awareness of ASD and the needs of individuals and families affected by autism.