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COMM 1307 NE Berry: Articles

Find Articles

Note: Off-campus access requires your school log-in credentials.

Multi-subject databases generally return the largest number of articles and are good starting points.  However you may need to use the database limiters to locate more specific articles for your topic.

Note: Off-campus access requires your school log-in credentials.

Subject specific database are smaller with fewer but more specific articles. However you may need to use more related keywords for your topic to achieve the best results.

Note: Off-campus access requires log-in with your WebAdvisor username and password.

Types of Articles

Popular: Sources published in newspapers and magazines intended for general audience. 

Scholarly: Well researched sources that have been written for scholars, students, and experts in the discipline area.

Peer Reviewed: Articles that have been evaluated by other professionals in the field to check for accuracy and adherence to disciplinary standards.


Source: UT Arlington Library

Database Search Tips

Join keywords with AND:

guns and Hollywood

Put quotation marks around phrases:

"interracial couples"

Try related words and phrases:

gun, pistol, revolver, firearm

Use an asterisk:

film* will find film, films, filming

Check your spelling!

Adapted from: Pitt Community College Library

Database Tutorials

Tutorials and videos from major database vendors to get the best search results using their product.