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ENGL 1301 NE Petree: Books


As a student, you have access to all our online resources. To search for ebooks, follow these steps:

  1. Under the TCC Catalog section of the homepage, click Ebooks.
  2. Type in your search keywords.
  3. Click Search.

Let's think about the CAARP Test. Climate change is a current topic; try searching books published within the last 5 years for more updated information. Follow these steps to filter your results:

  1. After you click search, adjust the Publication Date filter on the search results page. 
  2. Change the From value to 2015.
  3. Click Refine.
  4. You will now see ebooks published within the last 5 years.


To open an ebook:

  1. Click Available Online.
  2. In the window that pops up, click any link under Full text availability.
  3. The book will open in a new tab. 

For help with using and reading ebooks, please visit this LibGuide: Ebooks at TCC

Many ebooks will also automatically generate an MLA citation for you. Look for a button that says "Cite" on the top of the ebook page or on the side of the page. Automatically generated citations are not always correct, so make sure you follow the citation instructions given by your professor or check in with the Reading Writing Resource Center for citation help.