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ENGL 1301 NE Cole: Images

Getting Images Off the Internet

To enhance the slides in your presentation, you can find images that relate to your topic and add them to appropriate slides. One of the best places to go for this is  Google Image Search.

  • Search by your topic and then view the results of your search.
  • To use one of the images, roll your mouse over the image, and look below the image on the box that pops up. You will see the size of the image. Choose an image where both of the numbers are larger than 400.

Write down which website the image came from  because you will need to include a citation for your image on your works cited page and this will also be used for the credit line under the image.


Additional image sources:

Crediting Images on Your Presentation

In addition to including a citation for your images on your works cited page, it is good practice to also include a credit line under the image on your presentation. This lets your audience know where you obtained the image. Below you will see an example of a credit line.