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Texas Government - Mr. Goss - Texas Bill Proposal & Presentation Project: Overview

Part I: Analysis of a Bill (25 Points) Paper

Your Group will submit a 2 Page Analysis Paper including the following information:

  • State Bill Number with the names of the sponsors of the bill being proposed
  • Summarize in your groups own words of what the bill is proposing
  • Describe in your own groups words on how your group think the bill will or could impact Texans
  • Analyze how the bill proposal relates to the political culture in Texas. Is the bill proposal an indication of the individualistic or traditionalistic political culture in Texas? Explain why or why not

A few Reminders:

  • Each group will need only copy to turn into the instructor with the names of those who are participating in the group
  • Typed in 10 to 12-point font, Times New Roman, and double spaced

Part II: Create a Presentation OR Create a PowerPoint (25 Points)

A few Reminders:

  • Create a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation, the group will present the PowerPoint to the class
  • When you print, please select the format option to print 3 slide per page


Citation of Sources


  • Finally, the bill analysis paper and Power Point presentation should include a work cited page with between 5-7 sources
  • The sources should have a combination of journal articles, books, newspaper articles, and internet sources
  • Please use MLA citation to document the sources in the Power Point presentation
  • Please use no more than 3 internet sources, which does not include online journals
  • The sources should be listed on the last slide of your presentation


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