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*Business & Industry Library Research Overview: Finding Materials

A general guide to research in business and industry

TCC Catalog Search

TCC Catalog Search on the library homepage is the best tool to use to find books, e-books, and DVDs. Try your search here:



Select "In the Library" from the drop-down menu to limit your search to books, movies, and audiobooks that live in one of our TCC campus libraries. 

Select "Ebooks" from the drop-down menu if you'd prefer to get a list of electronic books that you can read online or download to your device.

Catalog Search Tips

TCC Catalog search tool; text entered

Enter your keywords and select where to search

Make sure you select the best search for your needs: 

  • All Collections gets print and electronic books, magazine, journal, & newspaper articles, as well as DVDs and streaming videos.
  • In the Library gets only books, DVDs, and audiobooks that live in the library.
  • Article Databases gets only magazine and journal articles from select library databases. (Not all available databases are included in this search)
  • Streaming Video limits the search to films and videos that are available online.
  • Ebooks limits the search to electronic books that are available online.

Search results page with yellow highlight box around text:

Filter your results to narrow down your options

On the left hand side you will find many options by which to refine your results:

  • Availability allows you to choose from online resources or physical resources that live in one of the libraries.
  • Resource Type allows you to narrow the search to books, journal articles, newspaper articles, and more.
  • Publication Date, in case you need only very new or very old material.
  • Subject helps you be more specific.
  • Collection focuses the search within a certain database.

The options shown will vary depending on your search.

list of search results with resource types highlighted

Find the item you need

Each entry in the list of results includes information about the title, author, format, and availability of the item. 

  • Available Online indicates that this item is an article, e-book, or streaming video that you can access from your computer. Click the green link for access.
  • Available at indicates that this item is a book or DVD that we own in one or more of our physical libraries. Items in the Circulating Collection are eligible for curbside pickup

To view more information about a particular item in your search, simply select the title to find out:

  • if other campus libraries also have a copy of the item
  • other versions or editions that might be available
  • if you can place a hold on the item or have it sent to your campus for curbside pickup

Books or Articles?


female student looking off to the side as if to ask a question

What is the best source to use for my research? 

  • Books are good for a broad overview, when you want to add depth, when your topic is historical, or you want to see how it relates to other important issues.
  • Articles are good when your topic is somewhat narrow, fairly recent, or is in a subject where things change often. Articles are the best place to find original research on topics in science and medicine.
  • Websites and newspapers provide up-to-the minute news and information about current events, trends, and controversial topics but are often not allowed in academic research so be cautious.