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KINE 1338 SE Evans: PowerPoint & Presentations

Tips for an Effective Presentation

Giving a presentation to your classmates can be stressful for any student. Proper preparation ahead of time can help you feel more confident. Practice at home with your note cards, and don't be afraid to show your personality on your slides and in your speech. Below are some links to helpful tips for a good presentation:

Remember that the way a presentation looks on your computer monitor is not the way it will look on a presentation screen. Make all text BIG. Don't go below 24 point font. This will also help you keep the text on your slides to a minimum.

Creating a Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint

Other Presentation Software

All TCC students can download Microsoft Office 365 for free with their myTCC email address or use the TCC Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI). However, you can also use any of the following free PowerPoint alternatives.