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Academic Learning Center- NE Writing Center: Faculty Resources

Information about scheduling orientations, workshops, and grammar diagnostics.


Welcome faculty!

The NE Writing Center is here to support your students.

We love to have your classes visit our area.

Students who visit the Writing Center are much more likely to come back for a tutoring session. 

 We offer a short orientation for your classes (ten - fifteen minutes).

During this time we explain what happens in a session and what we do and do not do.

If visiting us is inconvenient, we will visit your classroom!

To schedule a tour call 817-515-6936 or 817-515-6677.

You can also email Elizabeth at

or  Wendi at .

We can combine the tour a short workshop or the grammar diagnostic.



The Writing Center offers many workshops throughout the semester. We publish a schedule each semester for workshops in NACB 1114.

We are happy to present a workshop in your classroom.

We will also schedule a special session in the Writing Center for your class.

We can also add a workshop if there is a topic you need.

Call  817-515-6936 or 817-515-6677 with questions or to schedule a workshop.

or email Elizabeth at or Taylor at .


  1.  Annotated Bibliography
  2.   Academic Writing
  3.   Getting started with writing (assignment, brainstorming, & outlines)
  4.   Thesis and claim statements
  5.   Five paragraph essays
  6.   Basic grammar and punctuation
  7.   Eliminating passive voice and to be verbs
  8.   Types of essays and how they differ (summary/analysis etc.)
  9.   MLA start to finish
  10.   APA start to finish
  11.   Rhetorical analysis
  12.   Poetry explication
  13.   Literary devices
  14.   Writing a statement of purpose
  15.   Scholarship essays
  16.   Information evaluation (C.A.R.P. Detection) Intro to databases
  17.   Plagiarism 
  18.   PowerPoint Presentations
  19.  Giving Speeches

Grammar Diagnostic Test

We have a forty question grammar diagnostic that your class can take.

We will grade it and pull grammar packets for the students (usually two per student).

The packets include practice for the students to strengthen their knowledge on various points of grammar.