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E-Readers Overview: E-Readers @ Your TCC Library

About E-Readers @ Your TCC Library

Why are the Campus Libraries loaning e-readers?
So you can read books without breaking your back!  This technology allows you to carry hundreds of books around electronically in a device the size and weight of one book. The Libraries provide access to digital books, journals, newspapers and other computer-based information resources (digital content). Rather than having you discover all that by trial and error (and a potentially large investment), we’ve procured several different eReaders and tested how they work with our Librarie's digital content.  Our findings are posted here – click the tabs above to read what we've learned.You'll also find some suggestions both on how to access e-content directly from the devices. 

What types of e-readers are available at the Library?
Each campus library offers two ASUS Tablet computers, an iPad-2, a Kindle Fire and two Nook Colors. See the tabs above to find information about each type of device and usage instructions.

Who can check out an e-reader?
Current TCC faculty and staff.

Does the Library plan to replace print books with online titles?

No, the Library recognizes that many people prefer print books to e-reader titles. In addition, e-reader formats are currently in flux, and the Library's goal is to ensure that titles purchased will be available long-term. The Library will still build its print collections in addition to offering access to e-books.

E-Readers FAQ

What books can I read on the e-readers?

Start by browsing the TCC library catalog for e-books.  Our EBSCOhost e-books are downloadable to Nook, too, and there are many free public domain options on the Web (such as Project Gutenberg).

How do I reserve an e-reader?

E-readers are available on a first-come, first-served basis

Can I check out an e-reader without any content on it?

Yes, the iPad2, Kindle Fire and Nook are checked out as devices only. Please deregister your personal account when you check back the e-reader.


Why doesn't the E-Reader come with e-books on it?

The E-Reader is deregistered each time it's returned.  When you check out the E-Reader, you will have to register it off site (until TCC's internal wireless issues are solved).

How long can I check out an e-reader? Can I renew it?

You can check out an e-reader for 1 week. Due to the popularity of the devices, e-readers cannot be renewed. 

Will the Library be getting more and/or other types of e-readers in the future?

We hope so!