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E-Readers Overview: About E-Readers

Guide to using e-readers.

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The Tarrant County College Libraries provide access to a substantial collection of digital books, journals, newspapers, numeric datasets, and other computer-based information resources (digital content).

At the same time an increasing number of students, faculty, and staff are transitioning from desktop computing to hand-held devices such as tablets, e-readers and smart phones.

So, what e-books and other digital content from the library can you use on these digital devices?

Your Tarrant County College libraries have procured several different e-readers and tested how they work with Libraries digital content.

Our findings are posted here—click the tabs above to read what we've learned. You'll also find some suggestions both on how to access e-content directly from the devices and on how to copy PC-based content to the devices.


Formats and Compatibility


ASUS Tablet

All document formats, mp3, wav, aac, tif, jpeg, gif


All document formats, mp3, wav, aac, tif, jpeg, gif

Kindle Fire

doc, txt, html, pdf, azw, mp3, aac, wav, png, jpeg, bmp, gif

Nook Color

epub, pdf, txt, mp3, aac, gif, png, jpeg, bmp


Guide to TCCD E-books

All you need to know to access the TCC E-book collection.

Guide to TCCD E-books

This guide is meant to assist students in using the Tarrant County College e-book collection as well as open and public domain e-books available online. This guide features step-by-step tutorials to most common e-book programs and e-readers. 

Prepared by Ayyob Ajmi, former Library Technology Manger, NE Campus

E-book/E-reader News

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