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E-Readers Overview: Nook Color


  • 7" VividView™ color touchscreen display
  • Backlit screen
  • 16 million colors in high-resolution
  • Portrait or landscape views



Read for up to 8 hours without recharging with wireless off.
Installed Rechargeable Battery.
Charge from a wall outlet using the in-box Power Adapter and USB Cable.
Charging time: approximately 3 hours from wall outlet.


Adjust the font to fit your reading style. Choose from 6 text sizes.
Select font styles, background colors, line and margin spacing.

Pros and Cons

Best Features

The Nook Color is a good dedicated eReader for viewing and reading black and white and color ebooks and documents.  The reader also works well with most formats, and works reasonably well (though not perfectly) with PDF files.

Content Management

There are a few ways to organize your files and books within the Library part of the Nook Color. The breakdown of the library is as follows: books, magazines, newspapers, my shelves, my files, and LendMe™. The "my shelves" option allows you to create custom shelves and add whatever files you like to them. The Nook Color also has a lending app that allows for lending of ebooks between friends. 

Transferring e-content files to Nook

To copy PDFs and other e-content that you've saved on your PC to the Nook, first plug the Nook into your PC with the USB wire.  The Nook's file directory opens automatically. Simply drag and drop (or copy) files from your PC to the Nook documents folder. You can also purchase ebooks directly from the Nook store and there are options for lending with friends through the LendMe™ app.

Screen Display

The Nook Color has a 7" VividView™ backlit touchscreen display. The display is high resolution with 16 million colors, it has a very crisp and vivid quality. There are some glare issues.


The keypad is also touchscreen and works fairly well.

The Nook Color

Tech Specs

Price: $249 for the Nook Color [$149 and up for the regular Nook]
Size: 8.1 inches X 5.0 inches x 0.48 inches
Weight: 15.8 oz. Storage: 8GB (up to 6000 eBooks) built in memory.
Expanded memory up to 32GB available



Document: epub, pdf, txt
Audio: mp3, aac
Image: gif, png, jpeg, bmp