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E-Readers Overview: ASUS Tablet

Library ASUS Tablet

Library ASUS Tablets are checked out as devices only. See instructions below to start using the ASUS tablet with your TCC login.


  • NE Campus (817) 515-6629
  • NW Campus (817) 515-7725
  • SE Campus (817) 515-3082
  • SO Campus (817) 515-4524
  • TR Campus (817) 515-1220

Using the Library ASUS Tablet

The Library ASUS tablet works just like your TCC desktop computer.

The power button is at the top left corner of the device, next to the button that makes the on-screen keyboard appear.

The stylus is housed in a compartment at the top right corner of the device.


The left-hand side of the device is where you will find volume controls, usb ports and ports for speakers and a microphone as well as the power connection port.

Asus Eee Slate EP121 Pictures - from the side 1 - Asus Eee Slate EP121 pics & Prices

Login with your TCC network login.

The ASUS tablet is set to login to the TCC wireless connection automatically and you should not have to login to use the internet. If the web browser directs you to a login page you would use your web advisor login and password.

The ASUS tablet is not networked to a printer so any documents you create in the tablet should be e-mailed to yourself as an attachment for printing later.

If you desire, you can check out the bluetooth keyboard that syncs with the ASUS tablet. Simply turn the keyboard on and it should connect via bluetooth to the tablet computer.



A Very Short Introduction

A very short video introduction to the ASUS EEE Slate