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E-Readers Overview: Kindle Fire


If you register your own account on the Library Kindle Fire and do not deregister the device before returning it to the library, anyone who checks out the Library Kindle Fire after you can use your credit card/ account!!!!!

Library Kindle Fire

Library Kindle Fires are checked out as devices only. See instructions below to set up the Kindle Fire with your account.


  • NE Campus (817) 515-6629
  • NW Campus (817) 515-7725
  • SE Campus (817) 515-3082
  • SO Campus (817) 515-4524
  • TR Campus (817) 515-1220

Set up the Library Kindle Fire

Getting Started with Kindle Fire

Before you start using your new Kindle Fire, you'll want to connect your Kindle wirelessly, register your Kindle, and set up your 1-Click payment method so you can search and shop for books, movies, music, apps, and more.

1. Get Connected

Your Kindle Fire is able to connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

You'll connect your Kindle wirelessly through your home Wi-Fi network, or places that offer Wi-Fi access, such as a hotel or your favorite café. Your Kindle automatically detects nearby Wi-Fi networks that broadcast their network name.

Tap the Quick Settings icon.

Tap the Wi-Fi symbol and make sure wireless is turned on. You'll see a list of detected Wi-Fi networks. You may have to wait a moment as your Kindle detects networks in range.

Tap the name of the network you wish to join. If necessary, enter the Wi-Fi network password. The password is the one used to set up the Wi-Fi network, not your Amazon account password. If you don't know this password, please contact the person who set up the Wi-Fi network.

Once you have successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network, your Kindle Fire will automatically reconnect to it when it detects a signal from that network.

Having difficulty connecting? Try our wireless troubleshooting steps.

2. Register Your Kindle

After you've successfully connected your Kindle Fire to a Wi-Fi network, register your Kindle.

Tap the Quick Settings icon.

Tap the More icon.

Tap My Account.

Tap the Register button and enter the e-mail address and password of your Amazon account. Tap the symbol keyboard button to switch to the numbers and symbols keyboard. Tap the shift key to switch to the uppercase character keyboard. Tap the box next to Show password to display your password as you type.

Tap the Register button when finished.

If you don't already have an Amazon account, tap the Create an account link, or visit on your computer to create one.

When registering your Kindle Fire, you may see a "deregister" instead of a "register" option. This means your Kindle Fire is already registered to another account. This may happen if you received your new Kindle Fire as a gift. Select "deregister" to register your Kindle Fire to your Amazon account instead.

3. Set Up 1-Click Payment

You'll purchase content with your Amazon 1-Click Payment Method:

Go to the Kindle Payments Settings section of Manage Your Kindle.

Click on "Edit" under Your Default 1-Click Payment Method, then follow the onscreen instructions.

Click "Continue" to verify your changes.

This payment method will be used for all Kindle and other digital content purchases.

4. Start Shopping

Once you've connected your Kindle Fire wirelessly, registered your Kindle Fire, and set up your 1-Click Payment Method, you can start shopping for books, movies, music, apps, and more from your device.

With your Kindle Fire connected wirelessly, tap on content libraries like Newsstand, Books, Music, or Apps from the Home screen, then tap Store to start shopping. To shop for videos, tap Video.

Learn more about shopping for digital content on your Kindle Fire.


For additional questions, visit our Kindle Support pages or check out more Kindle Documentation.