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BIOL 2389 SO Luyster: Searching for Articles

Search Strategy

When searching for articles on a topic, remember to think carefully about your search terms.  Being a little more thoughtful in your searching will give you better results.  Use these steps to create your search strategy:

  • In one sentence, describe your topic.
  • Underline the main concepts in your sentence.
  • Write out your main concepts; keep them simple -- one word or a short phrase.
  • Think about synonyms for each of these and keep a list.
  • Use combinations of these words and their synonyms in your search box; link concepts with AND.

Try using this worksheet to help you create a good search: 


Advanced Search

Remember you can use the Advanced Search option for a more sophisticated search. Click the link for "Advanced Search" near the main search box in ProQuest.

The advanced search page looks like this (or click this link to go directly to the advanced search page):


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