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Academic Learning Center (NW): English Language Support

The NW Academic Learning Center can help with speaking, listening, reading, writing, pronunciation, and conversation practice in English. 

You can make an appointment with:
Jacob Figueroa (

Crandell (

Carly Rastandeh (

You can make an appointment here: or by emailing one of the tutors above.

Please email if you have any questions. 

Online ESOL Learning and Practice is a great website for practicing listening and growing vocabulary; it contains short dialogues and videos of casual English conversations, together with scripts and exercises, in a variety of levels and topics.

English Central

This website contains many short video lessons, organized by topic and level, and is an excellent source of listening practice, vocabulary, and grammar explanations.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab

This is another helpful site with videos, quizzes, lessons and activities to boost listening and conversation skills.

Grammar Quizzes

Language learners can test their grammar knowledge with the quizzes on this website to identify topics they may wish to study and practice further.

This is a wonderful site for referencing and studying irregular verbs in English.

For language learners wanting to improve pronunciation, this website provides lessons and practice for each American English sound.  There are also podcasts for further learning.

Sounds of Speech

Another helpful resource for improving pronunciation, this online tool offers visuals and step-by-step instructions for every sound in American English.

Language Apps


This free app and its corresponding website allow users to create and study vocabulary with virtual flashcards.


This is an excellent language learning app available for free; it provides mini lessons, quizzes and exercises in English and many other languages.