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Academic Learning Center (NW): Peer Tutors


What are Peer Tutors?

Peer Tutors are TCC students who are available to assist other students in various subjects.  All Peer Tutors have successfully completed the subjects they tutor, which makes them a valuable resource because they are familiar with the content and instructors of those courses. Peer Tutors can be found in all the learning labs and even in a few classes.

Meet the Peer Tutors

Photo of Ambs

Ambs Parè

Hi, my name is Ambs!

This is my first year in the ALC, but I've done a good deal of informal tutoring before. I’m nonbinary, asexual, and autistic; I prefer to share that early. I love cats, the cosmere, and collaborative fiction.

My hobbies are writing and drawing, although more recently I’ve spent a lot of time gaming with my friends. I appreciate the beauty of words and the beauty of nature in equal measure.


Diana Stoner

My name is Diana Stoner. I moved to Fort Worth, Texas from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in December of 2019. I’m a huge sports fan, and my hobbies include things like antiquing, photography, crafts, gardening, reading/listening to podcasts (true crime is my favorite) going hiking, and all around being outside. I am an animal lover. I have 4 pets at home, with hopes to one day buy some land to have my own farm.

General Information about Peer Tutors

Peer Tutors work in a variety of class subjects, not just English!
We can have peer tutors for:

  • History
  • Government
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Art
  • Drama
  • Speech
  • And more!

Peer tutors can:

  • Help students prepare for exams
  • Provide guidance on assignments
  • Share tips and study strategies
  • Share strategies for excelling in courses
  • Help with taking notes and making the most of lectures

Interested in being a peer tutor?

For information about becoming a Peer Tutor, contact:

April Trafton (


Zahmar Rounds (