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We're ready to get creative to help support you and your students, so if you're interested in partnering with us, please email April Trafton ( to start the conversation.

We can create virtual options for most, if not all, of our traditional face-to-face services.

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Virtual Embedded Tutoring

Embedded Tutoring is a program that partners an ALC tutor with a certain course for the entire term. The tutor is able to build rapport with the students in that course, become familiar with the professor's teaching style and the assignments in the class, and support students in writing during class time.

The NW Academic Learning Center fleshed out several options for providing embedded tutoring in the new online environment. The options below allow for interaction between the tutor and the students in the course in a variety of ways.  

For each option, we would ask that the tutor be added to the paired course's BlackBoard page as a teaching assistant or similar role to allow the tutor access to course materials that will help them prepare for their interactions. This will help fill the gap that class observations once filled.  

Please let us know if you would like to set one of these options up for your courses. 

Option A: Asynchronous facilitated peer review using Google Docs 

Students would be divided into teams and would upload their drafts into a shared Google folder. The students and tutor would then have a chance to comment on each draft with the direction of a customized set of tutor-created questions/prompts before a professor-established deadline 

Option B: Synchronous group conferences at scheduled times via Google Meet/Docs 

The professor and ALC would work together to identify 4-5 hour-long blocks at various times on a given day or series of days (i.e. an evening option, a morning option, a weekend option, etc.) to offer synchronous group conferences. Students would sign up for a block that works with their schedule and upload their draft to a shared Google Folder dedicated to that block. The tutor would contact all students in each block via email to provide relevant links/materials in advance of the group conference. Students and tutor would interact in real time via Google Meet while looking at portions of each student's drafts via Google Docs. 

Option C: BlackBoard discussion board (or similar) participation 

The tutor could answer questions/provide feedback on portions of a student's draft via a discussion board built in the BlackBoard course. This could be an ongoing thread that allows students to ask questions as they arise throughout the remainder of the term or a shorter assignment-specific thread. 


Online Orientation Materials

Please let us know if you would like customized orientation materials for your course. We are happy to record an informational video, tailor a flyer, and more. 

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