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Fake News: Assignments for evaluating fake news

Information that is false with no verifiable sources, quotes, or facts to back it up

Evaluating news sites: Credible or Clickbait?

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As people rely more and more on social media to get their news, the filter bubble becomes increasingly problematic. In this workshop, students learn how to evaluate whether a news site is reliable. This group activity takes about 30 minutes and can be used for many different audiences by adjusting the examples used.

Student Worksheet

Directions. Please select a story from your news sources that pertains to your course and complete the questions below.

  1. Title and author of story you selected
  2. Name the source of your story
  3. Summarize the content of your article
  4. How does the issue of your article relate to the content of your course?
  5. List  three major facts or arguments presented in the article
  6. How many sources does the author cite in the article?
  7. Name the sources of the article
  8. Are the sources reliable? Explain why or why not
  9. List at least three questions left unanswered via the facts, arguments, and sources cited presented by the author.
  10. Would you recommend the news source? Yes or no and explain.

Adopted from the McCormick Foundation