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TCC SE Reading Writing Resource Center: APPOINTMENT FAQ



You may access the Southeast Tutortrac website by clicking the link below



The RWRC offers one-on-one tutoring services by appointment through  Southeast Tutortrac 
Students may schedule one 30-minute appointment per subject per day. Please be on time.

You may also schedule through WebAdvisor following these steps:

1. Login to Web Advisor

2. Choose Student and scroll to the bottom of the page and click Tutortrac.

3. Choose the Southeast Tutortrac link. 

To login, enter your email address followed by your network (on-campus computer) password (Example: If your email address is, login with and your network password.) 

1.  Choose Student Options, click Search for Availability

2.  Under Center, click the drop-down arrow and choose SE ONLINE Writing Center

3.  To schedule an appointment within 7 days, leave the date as shown

4.  Click Search

5.  Choose a tutor and available time

6.  After filling in the requested information, save the appointment                       Please remember you may schedule one 30-minute appointment per subject per day

If you need assistance with setting up an appointment, please call (817) 515-3808 or go to the LIVE CHAT


What do I need to know about SE-RWRC Online Tutoring Sessions?  


  •  ​Your paper must include a standard heading:
Student Name
Instructor Name
Course - Number and Section


  • The subject line must contain: Your Last Name, Your First Initial, Appointment date & time with am or pm, Tutor’s initials : (example:  Doe, J, 3/23/2020, 8:00 pm, ARB)


  • Send a pdf of your assignment along with the instructions to


  • Make sure you joined the SE-RWRC Organization in Blackboard


  • No sooner than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time, log in to and click the Enter Online Appointment button on the landing page. Type your name, and join the session. The tutor should arrive at your session shortly.  If you have any concerns go to the LIVE CHAT and ask about your session.


  • At the end of the session, your tutor will present a document for you to take a photograph of, as proof of your session attendance.