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GEOL 1405 SE Caputi: Recommended Library Resources

Books, ebooks, databases, and videos related to GEOL 1405 information

The resources below are a tiny selection of TCC's resources. There is much more to discover in the library catalog and databases. If you need help finding specific resources or searching for more information, please Ask a Librarian.


Print books may be checked out from the TCC Library with your student ID card. You can also request a circulating print book that is not at your home campus. See the box below this one for guidance.


Request a Book Be Sent to Your Campus

The TCC Libraries share their collection, so you can have any eligible book sent to your home campus for free. It may take several days to transfer the book, so plan ahead. 

1. Find a book you want and click the "Sign in" link

2. Click the Request link

3. Select the campus you want to send the book to

4. Click the Send Request link

5. When the book arrives at your chosen campus, you will receive an email in your myTCC email account

Sign in to the Library
Step 2 Request for pickup
Select the campus and send the request

Databases and Videos

The TCC Library databases have millions of articles on topics related to the environment. For simplicity, the Gale in Context databases are highlighted below because they have a number of topic pages related to environmental issues. The topic pages take you directly to specialized journal, magazine, and newspaper articles; images; videos; and more. 

The library databases below are excellent sources of environmental information, but they will require that you put together a search strategy rather than just clicking on a topic link.