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ENGL 2322 NE Cole: Getting Started

Brainstorming Keywords

 Brainstorming Search Words 

  • separate an assignment topic into concepts,

  • brainstorm synonyms for concepts, and

  • consider multiple spellings and word forms.

 Once you've decided upon a topic for your research, you may be tempted to begin searching the library catalog, article databases, or web immediately. However, taking a little time to analyze your topic and select good search terms will save you more time and effort later on.

Combine Keywords

Blank Concept Map Worksheet

Select Keywords- Draw a Concept Map

Concept Mapping

To analyze your topic and break down the main idea into smaller concepts.

Now that you know a little bit about your topic; it's time to break it down into something more manageable.

A concept map is a visual aid that helps organize your thinking and explore the relationship between ideas. 

You can draw your map by hand or you can use an online tool such as