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ENGL 1302 Readings: Short Stories

This guide contains readings from the TCC Library collections and online literature resources to support ENGL 1302 classes. For questions, please contact or your library liaison.

A Note about Limited Reader Stories

Some of the short stories below limit the number of readers at a time. Please close your browser tab when you are finished with the story so the next student can read it. 

Authors A-K

Abu-Jaber, Diana


Anderson, Sherwood




Alexie, Sherman


Allende, Isabel


Allison, Dorothy


Angelou, Maya


Atwood, Margaret


Austin, Mary


Baldwin, James


Barth, John


Baxter, Charles


Bender, Aimee


Boyle, T. Coraghessan


Cable, George Washington


Capote, Truman


Carver, Raymond


Cather, Willa


Chestnutt, Charles 


Chopin, Kate


Cisneros, Sandra


Cooke, Rose Terry


Dunbar-Nelson, Alice


Eaton, Edith Maud (writing as Sui Sin Far)


Ellison, Ralph


Faulkner, William


Febos, Melissa


Freeman, Mary E.


Gaiman, Neil


Gilman, Charlotte Perkins


Gish, Jen


Glaskell, Elizabeth


Halaby, Laila


Harrow, Alix E.


Hawthorne, Nathaniel


Hemingway, Ernest


Henry, O. 


Hughes, Langston

The Ways of White Folks, 1934, Anthology


Uncollected Stories, Anthology


Hurston, Zora Neale


Jackson, Shirley


Jewett, Sarah Orne


Jin, Ha


Joyce, James

The Dubliners, 1914 


Jung-hee, Oh


Kincaid, Jamaica


King, Grace Elizabeth


King, Stephen


Klay, Phil

Authors L-Z

Lahiri, Jhumpa


Le Guin, Ursula


Lessing, Doris


Margulies, Abby


Maupassant, Guy de


Murakami, Haruki


Murfree, Mary Noialles (writing as Charles Egbert Craddock)


Noble, Frances Khirallah


Oates, Joyce Carol


O'Brien, Tim


O'Connor, Flannery


Olsen, Tillie


Packer, ZZ


Petry, Ann


Poe, Edgar Allan

The Complete Short Stories (selected stories are listed below)


Rodriguez, Luis J.


Rushdie, Salman


Sarrafian Ward, Patricia


Sayers, Dorothy


Silko, Leslie Marmon


Stowe, Harriet Beecher


Tan, Amy


Toomer, Jean


Updike, John


Veselka, Vanessa


Walker, Alice


Welty, Eudora


Zambra, Alejandro


Zitkala Sa (also known as Gertrude Simmons)