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Earth Day 2021: Activities/Events

Celebrate Earth Day with TCC!

Celebrate Earth Day with TCC!

TCC Events


Celebrate Earth Day with TCC! Activities with advance registration will include a Fun Run and Art and Photo Contest. On-demand and live presentations will take place on Thursday April 22, 2021 from 10:30am-2:00pm. 

Shop Local

Do you have a black thumb? Support other local gardeners and farmers!

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) consists of purchasing a share of a farm’s output for the year. You may be able to pick up your share at a local drop-off point, or they may even deliver directly to you!
  • Local farmer’s markets are still open.
  • Look for local products in stores and when shopping online.
  • Support restaurants that use local products.


Another way to keep our environment healthy is to recycle nutrients back into the ecosystem rather than sending yard and kitchen waste to the dump. Creating a compost heap at home is a cheap and efficient way to improve your soil and reduce waste.

Citizen Science Apps

Texas Invasives: Locate and report invasive plants and animals throughout Texas. 

iNaturalist: Record what you see in nature,  meet other nature lovers, and contribute to plant and wildlife research.

mPing: Observe precipitation near the ground to help meteorologists improve weather radars.

GLOBE Observer: Make environmental observations on clouds, mosquito habitats, land cover, and trees that complement NASA satellite observations to help scientists studying Earth and the global environment.

eBird: Record the birds you see , share with birdwatchers, and add to scientific research, education, and conservation.