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ENGL 1302 NE Davis: Databases

Can't I Just Google It?

The simple answer is No, you can't just Google it. The TCC libraries pay for your access to the subscription databases we provide, therefore that information is not available for free on the internet. The TCC databases provide articles in full-text that have already appeared in printed magazines, journals, and newspapers so you can trust the reliability of the information you get from these sources. The same cannot be said for information found on the Internet.

Not on campus

Off-Campus Note: If you are using a computer outside the TCC network, you will be redirected to a login page after you select one of the database services. The login page will give you specific instructions on entering your user name and password. If you have problems signing on, contact the library staff for assistance.

How to Search

In searching for movies:

  • Keep it simple.  Search for the title of the movie and the keyword "analysis".  Example "fight club" and analysis
  • Be specific.  A few keywords together are more likely to return relevant results to you than just one.
  • Use phrases.  If you want an exact string of terms to appear in the article, search for "the exact phrase" by putting "the exact phrase" in quotation marks.  For example, "grapes of wrath" or "fight club". 

Finding Articles for Films

Suggested Database Sources for Film Analysis:

Using The Databases

Once you select the appropriate database(s), enter your search terms. You can perform a basic or advanced search.  For most searches, basic keyword combinations are sufficient.

Document formats: Once you have completed your search and are viewing the result list, you will notice that many articles are available in different formats.

  • HTML Full Text - This format includes just the text of the article and has limited graphics.
  • PDF or Full Page Image - A scanned image that displays the article just as it appeared in the magazine or journal.

If the articles are not what you are looking for, try searching synonyms and/or related terms.