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HIST 2327 NE P. Martinez: Articles

Find Articles

Note: Off-campus access requires your school log-in credentials.

Note: Off-campus access requires log-in with your WebAdvisor username and password.

Types of Articles

Popular: Sources published in newspapers and magazines intended for general audiences. 

Scholarly: Well researched sources that have been written for scholars, students, and experts in the discipline area.

Peer Reviewed: Articles that have been evaluated by other professionals in the field to check for accuracy and adherence to disciplinary standards.

Database Search Tips

Multi-subject database:

Returns the largest number of articles and are good starting points.

Subject specific database:

Returns fewer but more specific articles.

Join keywords with AND:

Mexico and Mayan

Put quotation marks around phrases:

"New Spain"

Try related words and phrases:

Mexican American, Hispanic, Latinx

Use an asterisk:

America* will find America, American, Americas

Check your spelling!

Adapted from: Pitt Community College Library

Database Tutorials

Tutorials and videos from major database vendors to get the best search results using their product.