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Academic Learning Center- NE Writing Center: Tutors

List of free student tutors.

Summer 2018


Spanish Tutors:






French Tutor:

German Tutor:




Free Tutoring

Do you need help with English, ESOL, French, German, Spanish, math, or science?

Free  peer tutors are available for students in the Academic Learning Center. The peer tutoring area is across from the Writing Lab.

  • Tutors are free and available on a first come first served basis.
  •  Tutors will not do the work for you; they are here to help you and guide you as you complete your work!
  •  A whiteboard by the tutoring area contains the tutor's schedules and any notice of changes. 
  •  Tutoring sessions are 30 minutes per student.

A Tutor Will

Ask you to read the textbook.

Ask you to attend class every day.

Ask you to finish your homework.

Ask you questions.

Assist you in understanding the homework.

Assist you in understanding assignments.

Assist you in understanding teacher instructions.

Expect you to do your work.

Expect you to be prepared.

Expect you to do your best.


A Tutor Will Not

Do the work for you.

Read to you.

Do your homework.

Write your paper.

Type your paper.

Teach you.

Replace your teacher.