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Poetry Month at TCC: In the Library

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Month!

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Poetry Books

book cover image - 8 Voices

8 Voices: Contemporary Poetry from the American Southwest

Eight poets from New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas were selected to be included, all of whom are widely published and highly regarded. Their work clearly demonstrates that poetry of the Southwest is not to be lessened by being described as regional, but instead deals with the universal themes of all good poetry, while not losing a sense of place.

book cover image - 100 Best-Loved Poems

100 Best-Loved Poems

Popular, well-known poetry: "The Passionate Shepherd to His Love," "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?" "Death, be not proud," "The Raven," "The Road Not Taken," plus works by Blake, Wordsworth, Byron, Coleridge, Shelley, Emerson, Browning, Keats, Kipling, Sandburg, Pound, Auden, Thomas, and many others.

book cover image - The Best American Poetry

The Best American Poetry 2019

The state of the world has inspired many to write poetry, and to read it--to share all the rage, beauty, and every other thing under the sun in the way that only poetry can. Now the foremost anthology of contemporary American poetry returns, guest edited by Major Jackson, the poet and editor who, "makes poems that rumble and rock" (poet Dorianne Laux). This brilliant 2019 edition includes some of the year's most defining, striking, and innovative poems and poets.

book cover image - Contemporary Caribbean Women's Poetry

Contemporary Caribbean Women's Poetry

Contemporary Caribbean Women's Poetry provides detailed readings of individual poems by women poets whose work has not yet received the sustained critical attention it deserves. These readings are contextualized both within Caribbean cultural debates and postcolonial and feminist critical discourses in a lively and engaged way. 

book cover image - Easy Math

Easy Math

Selected by Marie Howe for the 2011 Kathryn A. Morton Prize, Easy Math is anxious and exuberant both. Lauren Shapiro's poems are Aesop stood on end, wry fables that defy our instinct to find a moral to the story. Instead, she offers us a gimlet eye to the disappointments of the world, tall tale-telling by turns rickety, defiant, and brave. 

Frontier Taiwan book cover image

Frontier Taiwan

The history of modern Taiwanese poetry parallels and tells the story of this transformation from periphery to frontier. Containing translations of nearly 400 poems from 50 poets spanning the entire twentieth century, this anthology reveals Taiwan in a broad spectrum of themes, forms, and styles.

book cover image - Furious Flower

Furious Flower

Furious Flower: Seeding the Future of African American Poetry is an anthology of poems by more than one hundred award-winning poets, including Jericho Brown, Justin Philip Reed, and Tracy K. Smith, with themed essays on poetics from celebrated scholars such as Kwame Dawes, Meta DuEwa Jones, and Evie Shockley. In this eponymous collection, editors Joanne V. Gabbin and Lauren K. Alleyne bring together many of the paramount voices in Black poetry and poetics active today, composing an electrifying mosaic of voices, generations, and aesthetics that reveals the Black narrative in the  work of twentieth- and twenty-first-century writers.

book cover image - If My Body Could Speak

If My Body Could Speak

Baird writes about fighting for the space she takes up in a world that would rather she took up none at all, deftly charting a course through modes of womanhood and women's bodies. Through love, loss, and the struggles of disordered eating, If My Body Could Speak uses sharp narratives and visceral imagery to get to the heart of a many-layered existence, speaking to many generations at once.

If They Come for Us cover image

If They Come for Us

Poet and co-creator of the Emmy-nominated web series Brown Girls captures her experience as a Pakistani Muslim woman in contemporary America, while exploring identity, violence, and healing.

Leaves of Grass book cover image

Leaves of Grass

In Leaves of Grass, American poet Walt Whitman assembled most of his poetic works. Included in this collection are some of Whitman's most famous poems, including "Song of Myself," "I Sing the Body Electric," "Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking," and "O Captain! My Captain!" 

book cover image - No More Masks!

No More Masks!

In 1973, Florence Howe and Ellen Bass began collecting poems by women, about women. They started with writers they knew and then dug through card catalogs. Eventually, word spread about their project and women mailed in manuscripts and books. Howe and Bass quickly realized they had enough poems to warrant an anthology and published the collection No More Masks!: An Anthology of Twentieth Century American Women Poets. Initially, the anthology received some harsh criticism, but soon established itself as a groundbreaking and significant text.

book cover image - Of Poetry and Protest

Of Poetry and Protest

This extraordinary volume collects the poems of forty-four of America's most talented African American wordsmiths, including Pulitzer Prize winning poets Rita Dove, Natasha Tretheway, Yusef Komunyakaa and Tracy K. Smith, as well as the work of other luminaries such as Elizabeth Alexander, Ishmael Reed, Nikki Giovanni and Sonia Sanchez. Accompanying each poem is a photograph of the poet along with a first-person biography and the book also includes personal essays on race from Harry Belafonte, Amiri Baraka and Reverend R. William Barber II, architect of the Moral Mondays movement. 

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