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Professional Development: LinkedIn Learning

A guide to locating, completing, and receiving credit for online Professional Development offered through TCC LearnCenter/Skillsoft, and LinkedIn Learning.

1. Go to:

2. In the Alphabetical List of Databases, scroll to LinkedIn Learning

3. If prompted, create an account using your email address

4. Search for courses

  • Search by software (e.g. "Microsoft Teams" or "Adobe Photoshop")

  • Search by skill (e.g. "Customer Service" or "Creating Spreadsheets")

5. Click the title to begin a course


6. Click Save to bookmark a course for later

7. Click "My Learning" to view your In Progress and Saved courses

1. Click the  Browse icon at the top of the page.

2. Move your cursor over one of the following sections:

  • Business

  • Creative

  • Technology

​3. Browse for content in specific Subjects, Software, or Learning Paths

Need help with:
  • Finding a course
  • Saving a course
  • Accessing LinkedIn Learning
Instructions for adding LinkedIn Learning courses to TCCLearn can be found on InsideTCC.

Sample LinkedIn Learning Courses