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SPCH 1311 / SPCH 1315 / SPCH 1321 NE: Putting It All Together

Microsoft Office

Microsoft provides free access to Microsoft Office 365.  To be eligible, you must use your TCCD email address.

Saving Your Presentation

OK - so now the hard part is done and you only have one more thing to do - make sure your presentation will show correctly in the classroom.

Saving Your Presentation

To ensure your presentation will play properly on the classroom computer:

  • Don't use any other presentation software other than PowerPoint or Prezi.
  • Save the copies of your presentation to a Flash Drive or a cloud program.
  • Save the copies of your presentation and any images, sounds or videos to your MyTCC account. 
  • Check your presentation on a College computer before showing it in class.  The Computer Learning Center can help you with this.