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ENGL 0324 TR Spence: Find Articles

Database Tips - Boolean Searches

Articles are found using a tool called a database.  Databases house not just articles but also e-books, e-audiobooks, and videos as well.  When researching off-campus, you must log in with your Web Advisor username and password to access a database from the TCC Website.

Broaden your search by thinking of various keywords that describe the subject.  For example, when searching for information on the Industrial Revolution, don't forget to also try keywords that might generate relevant information like "technology" or "factories" or "industry."

Also Remember:

Quotation marks = search for phrases (two or more words in exact order): "United States"

OR = more. Combine synonyms or similar terms to increase the number of results: university OR college OR "higher education"

AND = narrow your results. Combine different concepts to narrow your search: depression AND treatments

For more help with Boolean operators, visit Rockwell Schrock's Boolean Machine