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ENGL 0324 TR Spence: Step 1: Review Assignment

Understanding Your Assignment

What should I look for in my assignment?

  • Keywords or verbs. Words like summarize, compare, analyze, or argue direct you to think about your topic in a certain way.
  • Technical details which indicate format rules or guidelines like font, length,
    spacing, and citation style.
  • Project logistics will tell you about the final product, whether it is supposed
    to be a speech, written paper, or other presentation.
  • Number and type of sources such as peer-reviewed, scholarly,
    primary or secondary.
  • Due dates for drafts and final paper/presentation. Plan ahead for
    time in the library and writing center.


Review Requirements

As soon as you receive the assignment, read it carefully. If you have questions after you review it, ask your professor. They would much rather help you early in the process than have you wait until the last minute. Consider using a free assignment calculator to help pace yourself.


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