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ENGL 0324 TR Spence: Websites

Evaluating Websites

How to Use Google Like a Pro

Useful Websites

Remember to search for your country AND for "TOURISM" 


Information found on the Internet is not filtered for quality.  It is up to you to evaluate websites using the CRAP test:


  • How recent is the information?

  • Is it current enough for your topic?

  • When was the site last updated?


  • What kind of information is included in the resource?

  • Is content of the resource primarily opinion?

  • Does the creator provide references?


  • Who are the authors or creators?

  • What are their credentials?

  • Who is the publisher or sponsor?

  • Are they reputable?

  • What is the publisher’s interest?

  • Does the site have advertisements?

Purpose/Point of View

  • Is this fact or opinion?

  • Is it biased?

  • Are they trying to sell you something?​


Source: CRAP test originally developed by librarian Molly Beestrum, Dominican University, and adapted in 2008 by LOEX Wiki