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Health and Fitness Overview (TR): Get Started

Gather Background Information

Why do I need background information?

  • Get more familiar with your topic
  • Find out names, dates, and places relevant to your topic
  • Learn about special vocabulary related to your topic

You can search the library to find many reference sources such as specialized encyclopedias.



If you want to limit by format, author, or title, try the Advanced Search. 


Featured Print Reference Books

Search Tip

In the Search box, combine a subject keyword (like history) with the keywords below (make sure to combine keywords with AND) to make your search more powerful:

  • encyclopedia
  • dictionary
  • handbook
  • guide

example: health AND encyclopedia

Featured Publications

These magazines and journals are recommended for research about wellness and fitness topics.

Online Medical Dictionaries

Tip:  Medical dictionaries can help you further understand different aspects of your topic.