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The Don Pyeatt Aviation History Archives: Home

The Don Pyeatt Aviation History Archives is part of the Tarrant County College Archives. It houses a collection of images showing the history of aviation in Tarrant County.


Don Pyeatt Aviation History CollectionThis collection of digital files began in 1998 when Don Pyeatt volunteered to assist a group of local aircraft workers preserve and display a vintage B-36 "Peacemaker" bomber aircraft in a Fort Worth museum devoted to aviation history.  Having no background in aviation, he was assigned the task of compiling a history of aviation in North Texas which would be used for display planning purposes when the new museum was built.  Unfortunately, the museum did not succeed. However while doing research for the project  Mr. Pyeatt collected a considerable mass of material on local aviation history and local Fort Worth and Tarrant County history in general.

Mr. Pyeatt’s research included a variety of sources.  Some items were loaned to Mr. Pyeatt to scan and digitize, others were obtained from websites that he searched for information.  Still others are his personal photographs, videos and scans of his personally-owned items.  A few full-length (copyrighted) video movies are included to depict historical accounts of certain events and/or eras. Other video movies are public domain due to their age or by virtue of their production by, or under contract from, governmental agencies and/or contractors.

The collection is divided into several time periods:

This guide also has information on: